Fully validated machine learning algorithms and complex network models

With successful experiences and mature modeling technology from ZestFinance and JD Finance, ZRobot established stable and interpretable models with huge, multi-dimensional info fragments. The models expect to cut down greatly on your default rate.


Use data efficiently and fully satisfy any customers’ needs

ZRobot models include millions of data elements and ten to thousands of variables which can universally applicable in different business scenarios. By using unstructured data, models improve accuracy and coverage significantly. We work closely with yours and provide continuous updating service.


Use full information to build a 360-degrees dynamic customer profile

As an independent third-party credit assessment institute, we provide unbiased, universal, in-depth and comprehensive customer profile, help you to identify potential risk efficiently especially for individuals without traditional credit records.


High speed and stable data processing capability, rapid feedback within seconds

Models adapt to massive data environment perfectly and response rapidly which assist you in automatic underwriting decision process. Powerful concurrent processing offers you fluid experience even with high-user-throughput and high-database-concurrency.



We dedicate in providing credit-related product package in China.

ZRobot is a joint venture FinTech company by JD Finance (Belong to NASDAQ:JD, China’s largest online retail sales company) and ZestFinance (A famous FinTech company that applies Google-like math to credit decisions in U.S.).

Based on multi-dimensional variables, we apply advanced modeling techniques, such as data mining, machine learning, to establish the most sophisticated, accurate, and reliable credit report in China and give a comprehensive customer profile. The models can be applied flexibly in different business scenarios.

Business Process

Identify problem

Get start to understand your business and target market, identify your pain point, and provide a preliminary plan for problem solving.

Data test

After settling down the plan, you give us the sample data and define target group for our testing. ZRobot chooses the most suitable model and processes your data.

Trail result

After analyzing your sample data, ZRobot return sample summary which will show the coverage and accuracy of our model for your purchasing decision.


If the model is suitable, we can go further and discuss cooperation details. If not, we also provide customized modeling service and personalized model strategy.


We will improve your model regularly with your feedback and provide you a continually upgraded product and ensure models’ stability across time.